The Death of George Floyd and America on Fire

josh-hild-KRBrb8vRdKs-unsplash Photo byJosh HildonUnsplash

I’m writing this on Saturday, May 30th 2020. I can’t think of anything else except George Floyd. I am once again haunted by the death of a black person killed with no justification. Killed by 4 cops. And now cities across the nation are burning.

I want to start by saying that I believe that most police officers are good. I know quite a few personally. And yes, they all feel threatened on a daily basis and fear that one day they won’t make it home. But they do the job anyway. To keep us safe. ALL of us. Then there are the bad cops. Cops who are evil and deadly.

We watched the video footages. We saw George was not fighting back or being unreasonable. Why did these cops think they needed to knee George in the neck until he died? Why wasn’t…

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