Hi , I’m Anand Dwipesh November 30th born . A food lover turned Food Blogger from India an Middle Class born with an aspiration to become an Entrepreneur. My mother used to tell me that “One day you should run your own business” here I am with the “World’s Best Recipes”
Caprese Salad Skewers
New Zealand Snapper
Asian Chicken Noodles Soup
Cappuccino Truffles
Brussels Sprouts Salad
Sea Food
Kenyan Recipe
Italian Sausage and Pepper
Iranian Jeweled Rice
Grilled Lamb Kofta Kebab
Australian Recipe
Malaysian Grilled Fish
Italian Pan Seared Filet of Sirloin with Red Wine Sauce
Spanish Rice – Stuffed Squid
Persian Rice with Dates and Pistachios
Portuguese Scallops
Sicilian Stuffed Squid
Thai Recipe – Spicy Noodles
German Recipe – Schnitzel
Ice Cream Cake
Indian Sticky Chicken
Chinese Recipe – Peking Duck
English Recipe – Dungeness Crab
Thai Recipe – Grilled Red Curry Shrimp
Polish Recipe – Pierogi Dumplings
Japanese Recipe – Shushi
Belgian Chocolate Mousse Martini
Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake
White Chocolate Truffles
South Korean Dakgangjeong
Egypt Shorbat Adas
Japan Okonomiyaki
Iraq Sabich
Syria Hummus
Lebanon : Fatayer
United States : Rockefeller
France : Croque – Monsieur
United States : Coney Island Hot Dog
Sweden : Salmon Gravlax
Peru : Causa Rellena
Sri Lankan : Appam
Greece : Melitzanosalata
Turkey : Adana Kebab
North Korea : Japchae


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